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High Vibrational Personal Power Affirmations - Nature’s Island Wellness

High Vibrational Personal Power Affirmations

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Does your Spirit need to be recharged? Are you feeling unfocused or maybe even " pushed around" by life?  Are you ready to feel more aligned to your true self and be completely liberated mentally, emotionally and energetically ?

Well these Personal Power affirmations are for you as it will help you to Break Away from the past, Break Limitations and obtain Emotional Freedom , but above all, help you to enjoy a Blissful Life free of burdens. 

The truth is that we all have Personal Power, unfortunately some of us have been skilled at giving our power away to situations or circumstances, many of which were out of our control. This is normal, however, it’s an unacceptable way to live, especially for someone as wonderful as you !

Let us help you to truly reignite your sense of Personal Power, and as a result, you will feel emotionally and mentally lighter, healthier and happier!  With these powerful affirmations you will be able to nourish and retain your Personal Power like never before!

Listen to these dynamic affirmations as often as you need to.... Enjoy !