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Corporate Wellness

As a Certified Financial Planner ™ who has sold life insurance, investments and financial services, I know first hand the joy and stress of what is like to make 100 cold calls a day, attend networking events, have 20 meetings a week, build and maintain my own client base, create unique solutions to client problems all while closing sales to meet and exceed all types of revenue goals. It was all extremely rewarding yet very stressful.

Along the way, I noticed one thing- that as my health suffered due to career and work place related stress, so did my productivity; and honestly, sales presentations weren’t enough to keep me motivated anymore. Sadly, there were almost no resources available to help me to nourish myself back to the star sales person that I was, so I created Nature’s Island Wellness.

Nature’s Island Wellness is geared towards providing customized Corporate Wellness Solutions and Activities for Financial Service, Investment and Insurance firms. With a wide variety a customizable corporate wellness solutions to fit your particular company, Nature’s Island Wellness is here to gently yet effectively guide your employees to a state of overall wellness where they can not only maintain their level of productivity but ramp it up to unprecedented levels. Because honestly, everyone wants more productive employees, but how many of us know that it is directly linked to employee wellness?

Making this investment in your corporation will decrease health care cost, employee absenteeism, increase employee productivity and therefore improve your company’s bottom line all while giving you a competitive and distinguished advantage in your industry. We at Nature’s Island Wellness provide care in the most convenient way possible- in the work place!

We can work to accomplish this even in the current Covid-19 pandemic with proper safety measures and wonderful virtual services.

Your company deserve it, and your Employees have earned it!

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