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About Us

After suffering from allergies all of her life, Ashley decided to start Nature’s Island Wellness as a means to completely manage her symptoms with the use of natural products without harsh chemicals. After selling several wonderful hand made products at local Farmer’s Markets for years she expanded into producing her very our series of guided meditations, affirmations and wellness courses. Nature’s Island Wellness is now a full scale natural wellness company that served hundreds of clients to date!



Ashley of Nature’s Island Wellness (TM) has always been interested in natural products and lifestyle and lived to avoid products that were made with harsh chemicals. Being fed up with dealing with her allergies and suffering with a constant state of fatigue year and year, Ashley decided to make all natural hand made wellness products to help alleviate blocked sinuses, muscle pain, enhance relaxation, uplift energy levels and more. Ashley began to sell these wonderful natural products at several different local Farmer’s Markets, and voila ! Nature’s Island Wellness was born. During the years of making and selling these wonderful products, Ashley formally studied natural medicine and earned a Naturopathy and Corporate Wellness Certificates. Now, Nature’s Island Wellness is a full scale wellness company that offers wonderful products and services to help people to establish, maintain and enjoy their Health, Wellness and Vitality; and to this day, HUNDREDS of satisfied clients have been served!